I’m supporting Jeremy Corbyn as he shares my values and beliefs, promoting equality and fairness principles. He also supports the renationalisation of our railways which are now becoming more and more unaffordable for many commuters.

42,550 people have already joined our party since the election, ready to stand with us to oppose this government and fight for the Labour values of fairness, equality and social justice.

Jeremy is the only candidate who is fully anti austerity, he says

“Our party must become a social movement again. It was founded to stand up to injustice, and too often we have lost our way, ignored our supporters or been cowed by powerful commercial interests and the press.

Austerity policies are harming people’s life chances and taking away opportunities. We must reject the notion that the journey to prosperity tramples over people – and become an anti-austerity movement. You can’t build a fair economy by casting people aside.”

Our party must become a rejuvenated, democratic mass social movement again dedicated to bringing about real change.

You can become a supporter or a member of the Labour party and vote in the leadership election by clicking HERE for further details.

To join with me in supporting Jeremy please visit where you can find out more about him and his campaign. Jeremy’s social media links are also on his website.

If you would like to attend an event with me, or help to organise one in your area, please get in touch