Votes for 16-year-olds got blocked without a vote after Tory MPs spoke for ages

Labour accused them of using out-of-date Parliamentary rules to ensure the move would be blocked today.

The move would have been made law through a backbench Bill by Labour MP Jim McMahon.

It was the second on the list in a five-hour debating slot today.

But out-of-date Commons rules – which Tories have refused to change – say any Friday law should be shelved if it doesn’t get to a vote by 2.30pm.

So by total coincidence, several Tory MPs spoke for ages in favour of the first law of the day, a popular bid to force police to wear body cameras when they restrain people.

Between them, five Tories spoke for 95 minutes – each droning on for longer than the first Bill’s author Steve Reed.

That meant there was just an hour and 28 minutes left by the time it got to the Votes at 16 Bill.

Labour had the 100 MPs needed to force a vote through a “closure motion”, aiming to stop Tories from filibustering.

But it didn’t work because the debate was so short and the subject so important, Deputy Speaker Eleanor Laing ruled it wouldn’t be right to force a vote so soon.

So right now, 1.5 million young people in the UK still don’t have a say in their future because they can’t vote. This just isn’t right. Sign our petition and tell the government it’s time for votes at 16.

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