election night3






I would like to take this opportunity to thank all the residents of North East Herts who voted on May 7th and in particular those who voted for me representing the Labour Party. I would also like to thank the dedicated hard working team of volunteers who worked behind the scenes with me along with local candidates, family and friends for support and encouragement.

I am pleased with the result as we increased the vote by 2.4% putting Labour into 2nd place.

Thank you also, to the many people I have met and I am grateful for the enormous faith you placed in me.  I cannot thank enough the many volunteers, local councillors and candidates for their tireless support over many months of campaigning with North East Herts Labour Party.

To Party members, who selected me and stood by me throughout, I did my very best for you and we will keep fighting.  I have done my very best to stay true to my values and my passion in fighting for a fairer and more equal society and will continue to do so.