Here’s why I decided to apply for Northampton South Seat

For over a decade I have been a dedicated campaigner for the Labour Party. I regularly produce literature, organised delivery and canvassing all year round. In my General Election campaigns I worked effectively to obtain positive publicity in local newspapers and wrote pertinent letters, taking the sitting Conservative MP to task. I have a strong history of understanding how to execute campaigns with members ranging from students to pensioners. Over the years, I have campaigned in General Elections and on assisted in parliamentary by-elections. I have been an activist in numerous parish, town, district, city, unitary elections and by-elections not just in my home constituencies.

‘I’m what you might call ‘A Northants lad’ whose family goes back several generations and I’m now back to my roots, living in Corby.  As I always say to people, I’m as local to Northampton South as Jeremy Corbyn is to his Islington constituency — and several hundred miles more “local’ than Tony Blair was to Sedgefield!”

I run my own business as an IT consultant and am a keen voluntary worker. I set up a local Youth Project which obtained funding for a skate park, street art projects and several youth club start-ups. .I have been  a local authority governor in Peterborough and a trustee for a pre school and was thrilled when we were successful in establishing a nursery for a social and economically deprived community. I obtained my NVQ in voluntary youth work and as Chair of the South Peterborough Neighbourhood Police Panel I set community and policing priorities on a quarterly basis. I am interested in how communities help people with mental health difficulties and was elected as public Governor on the Cambridgeshire and Peterborough NHS Foundation Trust dealing with mental health. This must be a priority in our society.  I am Chair of a Parish Council and do my utmost to ensure that it is properly responsive to the needs of the local community. I have helped various local community groups obtain funding and premises.

As former secretary of North West Cambridgeshire Labour Party, I maintained regular contact with Labour members, arranged meetings, set agendas and ensured member inclusion. I also arrange political education events.

Over the years I have organised events and created positions for the various interests within the Labour movement. I also organised a large public meeting in 2010 in Peterborough to urge the city council to sign up to the Sustainable Communities Act. Speakers included MEP Richard Howitt. I also launched a Mayoral petition in the city in 2008, narrowly missing the 6,800 signatures required for a referendum but learning valuable lessons. I am currently working with NHS CPFT Trust governors and Labour members to formulate a model support plan for groups and CLPs to support those with a disability including mental health concerns such as stress and depression. I am also addressing the serious question of intimidation and bullying within Labour Party bodies. This has attracted nationwide support and requires urgent and serious action. I have also been the secretary on the Cambs County and Peterborough Local Campaign Forums.

We must be proud of what Labour has achieved in government whether the reformist Clement Attlee period  whose administration gave us the National Health Service, Harold Wilson’s Governments with its raft of social and domestic legislation or the Blair and Brown Governments which established a Minimum Wage and achieved real change of benefit to everybody.

We must build upon this heritage for the 21st century. We should annihilate the spent force of UKIP and locally, tailor Labour’s national policies to meet local needs. In order to achieve this ambitious vision in Northampton South, we have to develop the membership; firstly, by converting supporters into members. Secondly, within our traditional membership we are fortunate to have some well-known longstanding community and political campaigners, IT experts, academics, trades unionists, entrepreneurs, and knowledgeable public sector workers.  We can inspire many more creative activists.

For the next General Election, we must communicate a positive Labour vision and tap into the voter resentment caused by many years of Tory Government.

We need to champion Jeremy Corbyn as our next Prime Minister and I have done that that since he first announced his candidacy in 2015.

We must campaign for a real Living Wage campaign. We must campaign on loan sharking, which is a huge problem, improving access to justice in light of vicious Legal Aid cuts, furthering the Co-operative agenda by working with housing-co-ops to promote access to affordable and fair housing for first time buyers and above all, campaign on our ground-breaking 2017 Manifesto that took us to the doorstep of power.  Finally we must develop real appeal across the board.  Disgruntled Tory and Lib Dem supporters need a real Labour candidate with a clear vision of a future that is fair and offers choice and opportunity for all.

Download my leaflet here CHRIS YORK A4