David Cameron wasted £3 billion and caused chaos with a damaging NHS reorganisation he promised wouldn’t happen, that has led to over 4,000 NHS staff being laid off and then rehired, many on six-figure salaries.


After promises to cut NHS bureaucracy a total of 440 new organisations were created by the Government’s NHS reorganisation.

The reorganisation has put private profits before patient care, tying hospitals up in competition law and wasting millions of pounds.

Cuts to elderly care are sending more older people to A&E and making it harder to get the care they need at home.

Five more years of the Tories will mean the NHS continuing to go backwards, with longer waits to see a GP, longer waits for treatment, and A&E in crisis.

Only Labour has a plan for the NHS

We will raise £2.5bn for an NHS Time to Care Fund, not from everyday working people but by ensuring that hedge funds and other tax avoiders play by the rules, asking those at the top to pay more and introducing fees on tobacco companies, based on those in the US.

This money will be used to save and transform our NHS, with enough doctors and nurses  with the time care for patients and transforming services so the NHS can meet future health challenges.

  • 20,000 more nurses, getting the basics right with safe staffing.
  • 8,000 more GPs, to help people stay healthy outside hospital.
  • 5,000 new homecare workers and 3,000 more midwives.

We built the NHS, we will save the NHS and transform it for the future.

  • Ensuring better access, guaranteeing GP appointments in 48 hours or the same day for those who need it.
  • Repeal David Cameron’s NHS changes that put private profit before patients, so that NHS professionals can focus on care, not competition law.
  • Give patients and the public a say when changes to local services are proposed.
  • Bring together physical health, mental health and social care into a single service to meet all of a person’s care needs – whole person care, built around patients, not bureaucrats.


GP access

The sad truth is that continuity of care is declining under this Government. The GP patient survey shows that the proportion of people who can’t regularly see their preferred GP has risen from 34% in 2012 to 39% in 2014 – an increase of 1.2 million people. Labour’s plan is to give patients the right to book an appointment in advance with the GP of their choice.

  • In the four years since the Government’s top down reorganisation of the NHS, they scrapped the guarantee of an appointment in 48 hours, cut the funding for evening and weekend opening hours, cut GP training places and wasted £3bn on a top-down reorganisation instead of focusing on patient care. Is it any wonder people are struggling to see a GP?


A&E / Waiting times

  • Three years ago, the PM said “Waiting times really matter”, in the last twelve months over a million people waited more than four hours in A&E.
  • At the last Health Questions the Health Secretary said that average waiting times in A&E had gone down but the House of Commons library said this was based on a “simplistic reading of the data” and “there has been no reduction in waiting times.” Who is right?
  • So far this year 10,000 patients have waited longer than two months to begin treatment for cancer.


Mental health

  • It was Labour peers who forced the Government to enshrine parity of esteem in legislation. Mental health services are being cut by 20% more than other services?
  • We have seen more and more children being treated on adult psychiatric wards, with many having to travel hundreds of miles across the country to receive treatment. The chief executive of Young Minds has said the increase in children placed on adult wards was predictable following cuts to mental health services.


Care quality

  • Is it not the case that the reason so many hospitals were put into special measures was because this Government cut nurse numbers in their thousands in the early years of this parliament and it wasn’t until the Francis and Keogh reports warned about understaffed wards that they realised what a monumental error this had been.
  • NHS staff know what’s happening on the frontline better than anyone. 69 per cent of NHS staff say this Government’s reorganisation has harmed patient care.
  • Labour’s is serious about patient safety and plans for 20,000 more nurses.