I have real life experience to support my commitment to the party and the people I would be proud to represent. This includes personally enduring severe economic hardship under Tory governments when bringing up a young family. I know at first hand what life is about under Tory rule, surviving two Tory recessions living at times, hand to mouth, from working as a street cleaner and even as an animal lover in an abattoir just to simply provide for my family. I have the sincere resolve to help create a better society with Labour’s principles of equality, fairness and respect for people in all situations and walks of life.

I have run for Parliament twice in two hard fought campaigns increasing the vote and I am an active campaigner all year round not just at election time. I’ll be standing alongside members, Cllrs and my trade union colleagues as I’ve done wherever I have lived and worked for the Labour Party. We need to champion Jeremy Corbyn as our next Prime Minister and I have done that that since he first announced his candidacy in 2015.

I’m a member of UNITE and served as vice chair of the Area Activists Committee and also as vice chair on SERTUC International Affairs committee. I’ve been a vigorous campaigner for the mine workers, ambulance workers, fire-fighters, teachers, health service workers and shop workers. As your Labour MP I will campaign with you and my trade union colleagues to protect jobs and services throughout the constituency and I pledge that I will:

Work hard to deliver Labour’s Manifesto which will include making sure that councils will be able to borrow money to build council homes therefore guaranteeing people a long term secure tenancy and taking away some of the financial pressures bestowed upon them by greedy private landlords, bringing our railways, energy and water companies along with the Post Office back into the public sector.

Fight for full employment rights for ALL workers, whether full time or part time and fight vigorously for equality at work with regard to cultural and ethnic diversity and gender orientation

Fight for equality for disabled workers and fight against age discrimination and discrimination on grounds of mental health issues or spent criminal records

Fight against the imposition of zero hours contracts

Fight for equal pay to become a reality

Fight for the pension rights for WASPI women – unfairly deprived of key years of their pension entitlement by the Tories

Fight for universal free collective bargaining and support a new Trade Unions Act that will safeguard, protect and increase the rights of trade unions to represent their members in the workplace

Fight to reverse the effects of putting services ‘out to tender’ that have crippled the ability of local authorities to provide the excellence in public services that local people need and deserve

Fight against any attempts to privatise any and ALL police services and restore PCSO numbers.

Fight to scrap the public sector pay cap and pay public service workers the wages they deserve

Fight against bullying in the workplace

Trade Unions are an essential and CENTRAL component of our lives – wherever we work and whatever we do.

I’ll make the difference in Northampton South and pick up the votes that will win the seat.

Some of my current and more recent positions held:-

Parish Council Chair

Deputy Lead Governor of the Cambridgeshire & Peterborough NHS Foundation Trust (CPFT)

Former Secretary of North West Cambs Constituency Labour Party

Former Secretary of Cambs County Local Campaign Forum

Former Vice Chair Unite ACC Committee

Former Vice Chair SERTUC International Affairs Committee

Former Member of Anglia Co op Party Council

Member of LFIG (Labour Finance and Industry Group)

Former Vice Chair Cambs County Trade Union Council

Former Volunteer Youth Worker Peterborough City Council

Former LA School Governor Peterborough City Council

Former Chair of Neighbourhood Police Panel, Cambs Police

I don’t just pop up at election time, I am active all year round making a difference to peoples lives as an unpaid volunteer, not just locally and surrounding areas but throughout the country.

I won’t make false promises but I will guarantee to work with you to make a difference