North West Cambs Motion Supporting Jeremy Corbyn

          PRESS RELEASE Date: 2nd October 2015 For Immediate Release START At the Meeting of Members of North West Cambridgeshire Constituency Labour Party held on Thurs 1st Oct 2015, the following motion was unanimously carried. “The North West Cambridgeshire Constituency Labour Party wholeheartedly supports Jeremy Corbyn as Leader of the Labour …

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Final Say on Guardian Conference Video

John Harris spends the week in Brighton with a new-look Labour party at its first national conference since Jeremy Corbyn became leader. Excitement and euphoria are everywhere. I have the final say…Straight talking politics, its what the people want.

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Why I’m Supporting Jeremy Corbyn

  I’m supporting Jeremy Corbyn as he shares my values and beliefs, promoting equality and fairness principles. He also supports the renationalisation of our railways which are now becoming more and more unaffordable for many commuters. 42,550 people have already joined our party since the election, ready to stand with us to oppose this government and …

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CPFT Suicide Prevention Talk

    CPFT Members’ Talk – Suicide Prevention Date: Wednesday 8 July 2015 Time: 6:30 – 7:30pm Location: The Fletton Centre, 139B Fletton Avenue. PE2 8BY Join Dr Zahoor Syed, CPFT Consultant, as he discusses suicide and preventative measures. Born in Kashmir (India), Dr Syed came to the UK in 2002 after completing his medical …

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Thank You

          I would like to take this opportunity to thank all the residents of North East Herts who voted on May 7th and in particular those who voted for me representing the Labour Party. I would also like to thank the dedicated hard working team of volunteers who worked behind the scenes …

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The countdown has begun